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Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are designed to eliminate the root cause of eczema and psoriasis while providing fast-acting relief for our clients suffering from itchiness and dryness. It took two years for our founder to create a formula both effective and efficient in its results. You can read our founder's story here.

hedyotis diffusa / sanguisorba officinalis / biola philippica / clinopodium megalanthum / gleditsia sinensis lam. / rhus chinensis / cortex dictamn / sophora flavescens / mint / cortex phellodendri / elephantopus / ardisia crenata root / viola philippica / ardisia crenata root / peach kernel / honeysuckle / angelica sinensis / 0.01% Clobetasol (anti-inflammatory steroid)

Why does Eczend contain steroids?

The tiny amount of steroids present in Eczend's formula provide fast-acting relief for our clients while the traditional Chinese herbal medicines work hard to eliminate the bacteria beneath the skin. We do not claim that the presence of steroids in our cream is what heals your condition. The steroids simply provide relief from itchiness and dryness.

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