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Specifically designed to eliminate the root cause of eczema, psoriasis, and ichthyosis: bacteria beneath the skin. 


Formulated with nearly 20 different traditional Chinese herbal medicines. Read the full ingredient list here.


Effective when it comes to healing your eczema, psoriasis, and ichthyosis.

About Eczend

Founded in 2017 by Phillip Hofung, Eczend is a product of necessity. Our founder was desperate for relief after decades of suffering from severe eczema. This desperation to feel better in his body inspired Phillip to take matters into his own hands—that's when he created the Eczend formula. He used himself as the test subject and it took him three years to achieve the results he was happy with. Read more about the founder here.

What causes eczema and psoriasis?

Eczema, psoriasis, and ichthyosis are caused by a bacteria beneath the surface of the skin. This bacteria inhibits the travel of ceramide and causes dehydration of the skin, which leads to itchiness and dryness. Scratching these itchy areas spreads the bacteria to other areas of the skin, causing the affected area to expand. 

A strong immune system with the right diet can help; however, the bacteria will still be in your body. This means that when your immune system weakens again, the condition will emerge once more. When used as instructed Eczend cream will treat your eczema, psoriasis, and ichthyosis efficiently and effectively.

Before & After
Before & After
Before & After
Before & After

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