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Eczend Natural Skin Care | 30 ML

Eczend Natural Skin Care | 30 ML




  • Suitable for children 2 years or older.
  • This bundle contains two 30 ml  creams to treat eczema and psoriasis.
  • Wash hands before and after application.
  • Apply sparingly to the affected area with small quantity TWICE daily for the full Rejuvenation Cycle of your age group. Do not stop the treatment until the end of the cycle even if the skin appears to be fully healed. In case there is still affected skin by eczema/psoriasis after a full cycle continue applying the cream until full healing.

FOR EXAMPLE:  The Rejuvenation Cycle for Teens is 21 days. This cream (5ml) should be enough for 21 days cycle and treat up approximately two to three square inches of affected area. The amount of cream required depends on your age and size of your affected area of skin.

(1) Infants/Children: 3-10 DAYS
(2) Teens : 10-21 DAYS
(3) 20’s : 14-21 DAYS
(4) 30’s : 28-45 DAYS
(5) 40’s : 45-60 DAYS
(6) 50’s+ : 60-90 DAYS

After you have finished the whole cycle of treatment, your eczema/psoriasis should be recovered. Although the skin looks healed, the next six months are an observation period.
This means if the skin feels itchy or feeling dry you have to apply Eczend cream on it immediately for at least additional 5-6 days, otherwise there is a chance the eczema/psoriasis will return. Always have an extra Eczend cream just in case you need it in order to treat any bacteria that hasn’t been completely cleared out.
During the treatment process avoid drinking alcohol.

(1) For external use only.
(2) Keep out of the reach of children.
(3) Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding .
(4) Do not use around eyes and genital area because menthol can cause burning.
(5) In case of contact with eyes or genital area rinse thoroughly with water. 
(6) Eczema and psoriasis patients should avoid drinking alcohol because it will intensify itchiness.
(7) Alcohol doubles the rejuvenation cycle and lengthens the healing process.

(1) Hedyotis diffusa(2) Sanguisorba officinalis(3) Viola philippica(4) Clinopodium megalanthum (5) Gleditsia sinensis Lam.(6) Rhus chinensis,(7) Cortex Dictamn (8)Sophora flavescens
(9) mint,(10) Cortex Phellodendri(11) Elephantopus(12) Ardisia crenata Root(13) Viola philippica(14) Orchidantha chinensis(15) Peach kernel(16)honeysuckle(17)Angelica sinensis
(18) 0.01% Clobatesol

STORAGE: 4°C – 30°C

Eczema/psoriasis is a bacteria beneath the surface of your skin which causes disorder in the cells. As a result, the ceramide cannot travel through the affected area and causes dehydration of the skin. This leads to dryness and itchiness. The more a person scratches the skin the more the bacteria will spread, which will cause the affected area to expand. Eczend cream is used to clear out the bacteria before your good skin can emerge.
A stronger immune system with the right diet can help; however, the bacteria will still be in your body…once your immune system is weak again, the eczema/psoriasis will emerge once more. When used as instructed Eczend cream will treat your eczema and psoriasis very easily and fast.

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